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World Traditional Karate Federation
- International -
World Kenpokai Kan Karate Organization
(international full conctact karate federation)
You are very welcome to our website.
In this space, you can find news about traditional and full contact karate system, competitions and related events in general.

W.T.K.F. - INTERNATIONAL is the international organization who works on the pratice of traditional Karatedo stiles and other Karate stiles, which traditionally pratice Karate Full Contact.

In kata conpetition, classic execution of original ancient techniques of the same, regardless of the Karate style praticed are requested.
In kumite competitions, rules follow the classic system of waza ari and ippon, like Hidetaka Nishiyama Sensei arranged when I.T.K.F. conpetitions started. During kumite, competitors go to look for the decisive blow (hikken issatsu).
Each W.T.K.F. - INTERNATIONAL Country who arranges events, has the right to make changes to competition rules, based on what is considered appropriate to do, according to the leaders of the Countries who will attend to the event.

W.K.K.O Masters, follow the old lines of the Karate Do.

In W.K.K.O.,  Kenpokai Style, full contact competition rules, permit to fight on tatami or on a ring, standing and on the floor (ne waza), but they can change if Kyokushin or Shi(n)dokai rules are used, in interstyle Karate contact competitions.
In kata competitions, kata follow classic and traditional lines of own style.

For more informations write to:
wtkf.international@gmail.com (for informations about traditional karate)

wkko.karatecontactfederation@gmail.com (for informations about full contact karate)

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